Showcase Your Media Coverage and Grow Your Influence

On Tuesday, I discussed how to utilize media coverage to instill a sense of pride among employees and other stakeholders, to demonstrate value to the C-suite and to extend your brand’s reach via social channels. In this post, I’ll look at four more tactics to leverage your positive coverage – consider this the “advanced class.”

4. Target Social Influencers

Go a step further and send coverage to “influencers” who may tweet it to their followers or post to Facebook. Industry influencers who link to your placements amplify that placement to a larger audience. Recently, the mayor of Atlanta tweeted a Clean Air Campaign article encouraging teleworking which exposed many more people to the coverage.

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5. Share News with Lawmakers and Community Leaders

If your organizations can benefit from exposure to politicians, a placement secured in a regional or industry publication gives third-party credibility when seeking introductions to elected officials. Order hard copies of key placements, draft a personal letter or note about your organization’s agenda, and mail to key legislators, mayors, city councilmen/women, etc. Follow up with a phone call and a meeting request if desirable.

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6. Utilize Coverage as a Marketing Tool

Weave placements into sales and marketing presentations – and collateral. Third-party endorsements from trade, consumer and business publications add more heft and credibility to client presentations. Be sure to secure rights and permission to utilize coverage as a marketing tool.


7. Add Coverage to Organization’s Website News Section

Ensure that “best of” placements are easy to find on your website’s news room or homepage sidebar. Linking to media coverage raises your profile among potential customers, investors and stakeholders who visit the website. Make sure that coverage is current. If you don’t have a news room or sidebar widget to link to placements, add this feature.


Don’t be afraid to “blow your own horn” and showcase positive media coverage to influence both internal and external audiences. Not only does this build morale, it starts a conversation, drives inquiries and boosts results.

Tell us what positive result you’ve scored from sharing a media article.

Image credit: Julie Falk

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