Are You Milking Positive Media Coverage?

Congratulations! You’ve been featured in a great media story that raises your organization’s profile and you’re basking in the glow. But that’s not enough. If you’re not leveraging positive placements, you’re missing out on ROI from your public relations program.

Whether it’s an article about your company, an award or quotes in an industry round-up that positions you as a thought leader, here are effective strategies and tactics to ride the wave of media coverage.

1. Provide Ongoing Media Coverage to Key Stakeholders

Too often, earned media results are only shared among a small number of people within an organization.  If you’re fortunate enough to have sustained, positive media coverage (which is what Cookerly provides for our clients), you should compile an ongoing roundup of “greatest hits” and email them directly to important constituents.

Start with employees.  Not only does this instill pride, it ensures the best coverage is seen across your organization for others to pass along as well.  It opens doors for ideas, more spokespersons and insights for a compelling story bank. Other key audiences include clients, prospects, board members, advisers, investors, regulators and more.  Provide a short note to individuals you know including a periodic newsletter featuring strong press coverage. This enables stakeholders to learn more about your company’s successes and news – with third party credibility.

Merchandising Media Clips

2. Demonstrate Value of Media Coverage to C-Suite

Demonstrate to top management how earned media can provide significant visibility and boost the organization’s credibility and image.  Provide “best of” clips and a “hit tracker” of coverage with a quarterly summary of impressions (views of coverage) and ad equivalency (cost of the same space if purchased as an ad) to demonstrate the ROI of placements secured.

Anisa International

3. Social Media Sharing

Social sharing, especially on business-oriented channels like LinkedIn, greatly furthers the reach of placements. Post a link of online coverage to your personal LinkedIn page as well as the company’s page, if appropriate. Contacts are alerted to “new posts,” often generating responses.

Guardian Pharmacy

By providing ongoing media coverage to key stakeholders, demonstrating the value of that coverage and taking advantage of social media sharing, you are on your way to increasing your ROI. Check out part two for four additional tactics to leverage your existing media coverage and grow your influence.

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