The (Unscripted) Story of Public Relations

Public relations professionals are storytellers. But for all the mission statements, press releases and company credos, we have a tough time telling our own stories. Even my own parents have cornered me at a family outing to ask, “What do you do at work?”

What do PR professionals do? What do they really think about PR issues? What goes on behind the scenes?

Television series like Mad Men and The Newsroom have painted a fantastic picture of the media and communications industries, but we are still debating the definition of public relations.

That’s why Cookerly has launched a new series to answer your public relations questions. In Cookerly Unscripted, we take a look at the folks working behind the scenes and find out what PR pros have to say about the industry, marketing and communications – in their own words.

It’s only fitting that the first episode features Beth McKenna discussing the value of storytelling. Beth even shares a story of her own.

Take a look and tell us what you think – maybe even ask a question yourself.

New episodes of Cookerly Unscripted will air at and on YouTube on Wednesdays bi-monthly.

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