Image and Brand: Can We Learn From Donald Trump?

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump knows how to grab the attention of the media. When he announced last week that he was pulling his name out of the running for the presidency of the United States was anyone really surprised? After all, did you really expect a guy that coined the catch phrase “You’re fired” to lead our country?

Since the 1970s Trump has been able to create an image for himself and the Trump brand, often using his wealth and power to influence pretty much anyone who will listen. Most recently, Trump’s calling for Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate placed him front and center in the media. It obviously wasn’t his first time there and will most likely not be his last.

It’s important to remember that Trump didn’t always have the money and power to promote himself and his brand. He had to start somewhere, right? I do not want to imply that you would want to be like Donald Trump, but if you do have aspirations of building your brand, here are eight tips to help you begin to grab the attention of the media.

1. Develop your story: Why would someone care about your brand? What do you offer that no one else does? Be clear and concise in the message you want to portray.

2. Become credible: Offer advice and be honest in what you are trying to share with your audience. Most people will try something once. You want them to keep coming back. Make sure people trust you. Leave a positive lasting impression.

3. Timeliness: Be timely with details you share. Offer the media information they care about. Also, stay up-to-date with the latest stories from your industry and offer relevant information for spot news tie in stories.

4. Don’t limit yourself: Think outside the box. Be unique. Offer creative advice and insights to anyone who will listen.

5. Give updates: Let the people who use your product know what is coming next. You don’t always have to share your news through traditional media sources. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media outlets to let your consumers/fans know what you are up to.

6. Be flexible: Times change and so do people’s taste. Reflect changes and advancements in your brand. Stay current.

7. Plan your moves: Make sure to have a plan in place. Set your goals and strategies and achieve them.

8. Make the right connections: Interact with members of the media and key influencers in your industry. Creating relationship and making the right connections will allow for more opportunities. Twitter is a good way to get to know the media and key influencers.

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